Hey 👋🏼

I'm David.

I've been programming professionally with Python since 2014. I taught and wrote about Python full time for 2.5 years. I even wrote a beginner's Python book!

But now I'm learning Julia.

Julia has been on my rader for a couple of years thanks in large part to my co-host Randy Davila, who has been bringing it up at every chance since 2019 or so. The real turning point for me, though, was when a client of mine — the CEO of a large wedding and events venue — casually asked me if I'd ever heard of the Julia programming language.

If people in the wedding industry are asking about a programming language, it's time to start paying attention. So I called Randy and told him I needed to learn Julia. He jumped on the opportunity to learn Julia together. Publicly. And the Talk Julia podcast was born.

My reason for jumping into Julia was, initially, simple curiosity. That is no longer the case. After just one month of tinkering with Julia, I am officially on the bandwagon. I think it was Pkg — Julia's package manager — that first start tipping the scales for me. The deeper I get and the more I learn about the language, the more I want to use it.

Outside of Talk Julia, I work as a freelance programmer and writer. I also write for my blog.

David Amos has hosted 19 Episodes.